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Wow! It is Saturday night, I’m homesick, exhausted, mildly dehydrated, and this has been one of the most fun weeks of my life. I’ve met so many new people, developed lasting friendships, and made memories that will last a lifetime.

On Sunday, I arrived and was brought up to my room. Later on, I met my roommate, the beautiful Carrington H, Miss Teenage Eastman from Manitoba. Soon, we were escorted to the welcome party, where I got to meet all the girls from across Canada! We also received goodie bags from our sponsors, Bells and Bows, as well as Golden Glamour Goddesses. We also treated to yummy cake, which was a nice treat after eating as healthy as possible and working out in preparation for the pageant!

The next day was very important. We had our interviews, photoshoots and video shoots. It was a long day of hurrying up and waiting! It was very hectic, but a great experience overall. For my interview, I wore a pink dress from Le Chateau. For my video and photo shoot, I wore a yellow dress with sparkles. Tuesday was a day full of rehearsals! It was long, but we made great progress.

Wednesday was the first day we got to leave the hotel. In the morning, we went for breakfast at EGGlicious. It was so good, and was so much fun. Afterwards we went to the Port Credit boardwalk and the park, and practiced our swimwear walks. Then we got the chance to go dragon boating at the Mississauga Canoe Club! It was so much fun, and afterwards we got on the bus to get ready for Niagara Falls! We went to see Greg Frewin in his awesome magic show. When I was six, I actually saw the same show with my grandmother, so it was so nice to reminisce.

Thursday was also very exciting. We got to see baby lion and tiger cubs at the Bowmanville Zoo! It was an awesome up close experience, and I also had a lemur stand on my shoulders, which was very exciting as well. After that, we got to eat lunch at the Eaton Centre, as outlined in my last post. After that was Yorkdale Mall, where we received gift cards! Finally, we had dinner at Medieval Times. It was so much fun.

And yesterday was all rehearsals and then prep for preliminaries. It was all so tiring, but I feel confident about my performance! Fingers crossed I made top 20!

So that’s my week in a nutshell. I would add photos but I am very exhausted and I still have to shower and get ready for tomorrow!

Thank you so much for reading and following throughout my journey. Let’s hope a new one starts tomorrow night.

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Upper view of the awesome taco truck!!

Upper view of the awesome taco truck!!

“Richtree Natural Markets Inc. operates four market-style, open kitchen restaurants across Ontario – the Toronto Eaton Centre, College Park, Bayview/York Mills Centre and Square One Mississauga. Richtree offers casual dining and takeout services. The inspired menu items use all-natural, fresh, local and in-season ingredients, including antibiotic and hormone-free meats”

Selfie time with the food!

Selfies! A tad bit blurry, but the food was so good we didn’t even notice.

Let me just start out by saying, I am not a burrito fan, or really a taco fan either. So when I heard we would be eating lunch in the Eaton Centre at the Richtree Taco Truck, I wasn’t totally thrilled. However, I was in for an awesome surprise! I ordered the Heart of Palm Burrito, and I completely devoured it! It was spicy, and normally I’m not a huge fan of spicy, but it was absolutely delicious. I’ve never tried most of the ingredients included in the actual burrito, but I’m always open to trying new things! I also loved the setup of the restaurant, and how quick and easy it was to simply order and a minute later pick up your food at the end of the truck! I especially loved the food truck itself, if I do say so myself. The staff was friendly and speedy, and I had one of my favourite meals on this trip so far! It was so cool to be able to watch them making the food as well, I know where I’m eating the next time I come to the Eaton Centre 😉

Thank you so much Richtree Taco Truck for the amazing food and awesome service today!

Follow them on their social media!

Richtree Website: http://richtreenaturalmarket.com

Richtree Facebook: /RichtreeMarket

Richtree Twitter: @RichtreeMarket

Richtree Instagram: RichtreeMarket

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I have a voice.

You have a voice.

We all have a voice. In our lives, we make the decision on what we will do with our voices. With our voices, we are capable of changing the world.  Think of the poets, authors, song writers of the world and the impact and influence they can have on society.

Words are powerful thus making the voice a powerful thing. We all have one, but how we use it is what makes our impact worthwhile. This is my voice, and I am going to use it to help empower other youth to use theirs as well, and stand up for what they believe in and make a difference with what they want to see changed in the world today.

I am a women’s rights activist, LGBTQI+ rights ally and advocate for raising awareness about missing and murdered indigenous women. These are issues that are close to my heart and are things I am passionate about. I am fighting for these issues on a daily basis, doing my absolute best to raise awareness for these. I’ve had the chance to fundraise for homeless LGBTQI youth in Canada, I’ve attended local pride events, volunteered at/helped to plan a mental health symposium in my community for teens, and so much more. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to a class at my high school about the pageant, and how by doing this I am given the chance to promote the things I am passionate about and raise money for an amazing charity, as well as raise money for homeless LGBTQI youth.

If I were to be crowned Miss Teenage Canada, it would only boost the amount of people I reach with my platform.  I would love to go into school environments and show youth what I’ve done to raise awareness and make a difference for the issues I am passionate about, and empower and encourage youth to stand up and use their voices themselves.

This is how I’m using my voice, how will you use yours?


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I have loved pageants for as long as I can remember.

I remember sitting in front of the TV at age five, watching intently as Natalie Glebova graced the stage at the annual Miss Universe competition, later on in the program being crowned Miss Universe 2005.

I remember in grade six, walking into my classroom on halloween with a gown, sash, and crown on impersonating the current Miss Universe Canada, Chelsae Durocher. Blue dress and all.

I remember watching Miss USA 2012 with my mom, seeing Rhode Island before the top 15 was announced and instantly knowing she would take home the crown, and later rooting for her at Miss Universe.

I remember being 10 years old, searching around the internet for pageants for girls my age here in Ontario, and, even though I was still three years short of the minimum age, stumbling across the Miss Teenage Canada pageant and knowing I would be that girl one day. I just needed some experience first.



I think I was about 6 or 7 when I did my first pageant. It was recommended to my mom by my modelling teacher, so my mother signed me up. I don’t remember that much honestly, but I do remember having to go onstage in front of an enormous crowd (which probably wasn’t that big, but I was a nervous, shy five-year-old) and recite an introduction about myself that had previously been drilled into me by my mother and instructor.

During crowning, I listened for my name to be called so I could go and receive whatever prize it was. At last, my name was called and I went onstage to get my miniature trophy with the words “Regional Runner-Up” on it. I was ecstatic, although I still don’t quite know what place I actually received.


The 2013 ambassadors after crowning.

Six Nations has a local ambassador pageant called Miss Six Nations. They have different age categories as well, such as Tiny Tot boy and girl, Little Miss, Miss Mini, Miss Pre-Teen, and Miss Teen. In 2011, I was in the age bracket for Miss Pre-Teen, so I took a leap of faith and entered. I was awarded 1st-runner up, as well as the year after. However, I was extremely determined to be crowned a Six Nations ambassador. The Pre-Teen category was ages 11-13, and though I was still 13, I would be turning 14 before the calendar year was over, so I was placed into the teen category, which was extremely intimidating due to the fact that I was up against 14-17 year olds. This was my year though, and I managed to take home the crown! It was an unforgettable year, and I cherished every second of it. Shout out to my fellow 2013 ambassadors! 😉

I started doing natural pageants around Southern Ontario when I was around 11. In total, I’ve probably done around 14, give or take a couple. I gained so much valuable experience the 3 years I competed in those, and I have so many great memories from those pageants.

And now Miss Teenage Ontario. What can I say? It was an unforgettable experience, and I’m sure nationals will be even better. Two more weeks! I still can’t fathom that 5 years ago I was browsing the Miss Teen Canada-World website and now I’ll be competing in the pageant I knew I wanted to win one day, only with a slightly different name now. I remember waiting for updates on the winners and the events they did. I remember watching Megha Sandhu be crowned, Jillian Martin, and this years Miss Teenage Canada, Francesca McFadden. I looked up to, and still look up to, all of these amazing girls. I want to be able to be in a position where I can be a role model for young girls and be someone they can look up to. Especially for the girls of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds who are told by society that they aren’t capable of the things they want to achieve simply because they have a different skin tone. I want to show them they can.


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“When defining Canada,

You might list some statistics

You might mention our tallest building,

Or biggest lake;

You might shake a tree in the fall

And call a red leaf Canada”

-Shane Koyczan, “We Are More”

35.16 million people.

All unique, diverse, not one coming from quite the same cultural background.

That’s my favourite thing about Canada. Our never ending diversity. Take a quick walk through my school hallways and you’ll see people of all different cultures and ethnic origins. Personally, I come from a (mostly) aboriginal background. I say mostly because the only lineage I know of that is European on both sides of my family is Scottish. Other than that, I am Cree, Anishinaabe, Dene, Metis, Haudenosaunee, specifically Onondaga and Tuscarora. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and moved to Six Nations, Ontario when I was two.

truth and reconciliation

Truth and Reconciliation Poster

Admittedly, I initially struggled with this assignment. “Tell the world what makes Canada great”. This isn’t a question I can answer with ease. Probably not what you would like to hear, but you should understand my perspective and thought. Let me explain. Recently the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released their report. Many don’t even realize what the Commission’s purpose was. Briefly, they were collecting data on residential schools, their legacy and making recommendations to achieve reconciliation. To explain further, residential schools were used to commit cultural genocide against the Aboriginal people of Canada by the government and churches.  Therefore, to speak about the greatness of Canada it is important to discuss the Aboriginal People of this country. John Ralston Saul put it best in his article from the Globe and Mail, June 5, 2015.

There are good and bad things in our society, successes and failures. But there is only one fundamental reality that remains unaddressed. That is the situation of Indigenous peoples.

This is the single most important issue before us, whether we are recently arrived in Canada or have been here for centuries. This is the prime issue on which we should be judging governments and potential governments.


The Mohawk Institute located in Brantford, Ontario, nicknamed the “Mush Hole” because of the mushy oatmeal the children were served.

The commission identified documentation that supported survivors’ claims about all types of abuse: physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual.  These were outlined in awful detail which isn’t appropriate for this particular blog. Remember too that many of these innocent young children were taken from their homes, by strangers, forcefully, with no choice from their parents.  The tragedy and intergenerational trauma resulting from the whole residential school experience is a dark place in our collective history.  However; from this darkness Canada truly has the opportunity to show the world just how great we are!

Canada is a very culturally diverse country.  What does this mean for Canada? Is it effective, and if so for who and in what ways?  It is important that the Aboriginal People are not left behind as Canada continues to grow and change in diversity.  We are and will always continue to be an important part of this “fabric.”  As per one of the 94 recommendations in the Commissions report to work towards reconciliation is through education.  Canada has a strong and dominant education system so I know that an articulate and accurate Aboriginal history can be portrayed.

Like many others I see Canada as thriving and an awesome place to live.  Unlike others I am unable to say my parents came from…my grandparents came from…my great grandparents came from.  I will never move to another country, ever, this is my homeland and my ancestors from thousands of generations ago are buried here. The connection to this land is strong for me.

Finally, we need to ask ourselves why it is that I would be ten times more likely to end up missing or murdered compared to the other candidates simply because I am Aboriginal.  Something is wrong with that but that’s not to say it can’t be “righted” so to speak.  The development of Canada has been heavily influenced by the sharing, kindness and generosity of the Aboriginal people and it will continue to thrive in this way.  The fact that I am simply able to sit here on my laptop writing this, in my living room while the sun quietly sets outside already shows that I am privileged to live in a country that allows people like me, people who are different, are female, are a different ethnicity, people who have strong opinions that aren’t always the most popular one, to thrive in our society.

There is always work to be done, but there is no place in this world I’d rather live!


“Each life unravels differently,

And experiences are what make up

The colours of our tapestry.

We are the true north,

Strong and free

And what’s more

Is that we didn’t just say it

We made it be.”

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