Wow! It is Saturday night, I’m homesick, exhausted, mildly dehydrated, and this has been one of the most fun weeks of my life. I’ve met so many new people, developed lasting friendships, and made memories that will last a lifetime.

On Sunday, I arrived and was brought up to my room. Later on, I met my roommate, the beautiful Carrington H, Miss Teenage Eastman from Manitoba. Soon, we were escorted to the welcome party, where I got to meet all the girls from across Canada! We also received goodie bags from our sponsors, Bells and Bows, as well as Golden Glamour Goddesses. We also treated to yummy cake, which was a nice treat after eating as healthy as possible and working out in preparation for the pageant!

The next day was very important. We had our interviews, photoshoots and video shoots. It was a long day of hurrying up and waiting! It was very hectic, but a great experience overall. For my interview, I wore a pink dress from Le Chateau. For my video and photo shoot, I wore a yellow dress with sparkles. Tuesday was a day full of rehearsals! It was long, but we made great progress.

Wednesday was the first day we got to leave the hotel. In the morning, we went for breakfast at EGGlicious. It was so good, and was so much fun. Afterwards we went to the Port Credit boardwalk and the park, and practiced our swimwear walks. Then we got the chance to go dragon boating at the Mississauga Canoe Club! It was so much fun, and afterwards we got on the bus to get ready for Niagara Falls! We went to see Greg Frewin in his awesome magic show. When I was six, I actually saw the same show with my grandmother, so it was so nice to reminisce.

Thursday was also very exciting. We got to see baby lion and tiger cubs at the Bowmanville Zoo! It was an awesome up close experience, and I also had a lemur stand on my shoulders, which was very exciting as well. After that, we got to eat lunch at the Eaton Centre, as outlined in my last post. After that was Yorkdale Mall, where we received gift cards! Finally, we had dinner at Medieval Times. It was so much fun.

And yesterday was all rehearsals and then prep for preliminaries. It was all so tiring, but I feel confident about my performance! Fingers crossed I made top 20!

So that’s my week in a nutshell. I would add photos but I am very exhausted and I still have to shower and get ready for tomorrow!

Thank you so much for reading and following throughout my journey. Let’s hope a new one starts tomorrow night.

Written by: Aleria

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