Promotional poster for OUT at Night 2015.

Promotional poster for OUT at Night 2015.

“Egale’s OUT at Night is a national fundraising and awareness campaign to engage Canadians on the crisis of LGBTQ2S youth homelessness and to support Egale’s work towards a related national strategy. The campaign invites participants across the country to sleep outside on the night of May 30th, briefly experiencing the struggles that over 6000 LGBTQ2S youth experience in Canada every year.”

On May 30th, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in this event. I was not able to attend the national event in Toronto, since I was out of town, but I still got out a blanket, put on some warm socks and slept outside. It was actually really scary. I hate the dark. Nocturnal animals scare the poop out of me, and I was really cold. It was an eye opening experience, and it helped me to appreciate what I have even more. More importantly, I had the opportunity to raise money for this great cause. This event addresses two issues that I am insanely passionate about, homeless youth as well as issues surrounding the LGBT+ community.

I definetly plan on attending the national event next year, and hopefully I can surpass the amount I raised this year!

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