I have a voice.

You have a voice.

We all have a voice. In our lives, we make the decision on what we will do with our voices. With our voices, we are capable of changing the world.  Think of the poets, authors, song writers of the world and the impact and influence they can have on society.

Words are powerful thus making the voice a powerful thing. We all have one, but how we use it is what makes our impact worthwhile. This is my voice, and I am going to use it to help empower other youth to use theirs as well, and stand up for what they believe in and make a difference with what they want to see changed in the world today.

I am a women’s rights activist, LGBTQI+ rights ally and advocate for raising awareness about missing and murdered indigenous women. These are issues that are close to my heart and are things I am passionate about. I am fighting for these issues on a daily basis, doing my absolute best to raise awareness for these. I’ve had the chance to fundraise for homeless LGBTQI youth in Canada, I’ve attended local pride events, volunteered at/helped to plan a mental health symposium in my community for teens, and so much more. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to a class at my high school about the pageant, and how by doing this I am given the chance to promote the things I am passionate about and raise money for an amazing charity, as well as raise money for homeless LGBTQI youth.

If I were to be crowned Miss Teenage Canada, it would only boost the amount of people I reach with my platform.  I would love to go into school environments and show youth what I’ve done to raise awareness and make a difference for the issues I am passionate about, and empower and encourage youth to stand up and use their voices themselves.

This is how I’m using my voice, how will you use yours?


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  1. Ms. Maracle says:

    Aleria has always been an inspiration.

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